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Complete Your Move to Equity Bank

Final steps for maximizing your accounts and payments at Equity Bank.
Understanding Your Accounts

Equity Bank in St. Joseph Edmond

Reminder: Update All Account Information

On December 3, 2021, all Security Bank of KC accounts and services become Equity Bank account and services. Together, Equity Bank and Security Bank of Kansas City worked to ensure no interruptions to your checking account. Additional action is required to avoid any interruptions in the future.


On March 31, 2022, checks, direct deposits, and preauthorization using your Equity Bank account must be updated to Equity Bank’s routing number and account numbers. Items presented with Security Bank details will be returned and not paid.


Update Your Accounts

  1. If you are currently using Security Bank of Kansas City issued checks, please begin using Equity Bank issued checks immediately. Order as needed at
  2. If you are making payments online, electronically, or over the phone with your Security Bank of Kansas City information, call the merchant to update your information. You will need to provide both your Equity Bank account number(s) and routing number. The Equity Bank routing number is 101105354.
  3. Update your direct deposit information with your employer, or other depositors, to Equity Bank’s information.

Beginning April 1, 2022, all account transactions that are directed to your previous Security Bank of Kansas City account or routing number will be returned to the merchant.


Thank you for banking local with Equity Bank and Security Bank of KC. Please contact us with questions at 1-888-733-5041.