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Equity Bank 2021 Environmental, Social & Governance Report

In 2021, we continued to make strides supporting environmental, social and governance initiatives in our bank locations.

Exterior of Equity Bank building.

We are proud of the growth and adaptability of the Equity team, and we have worked with our communities to build a sustainable future. Our recent 2021 ESG report details our shared values and communicates our vision for helping build inclusive, relevant connections in our communities, with our teams, and with our customers.

ESG reporting plays a central role in our strategic decision-making, and we aim to strengthen our efforts in these areas in the years to come.

2021 ESG Highlights

Bank on reading classroom showing kids with materials.
Equity sponsors 21 classrooms through Bank on Reading

Woman gives thumbs-up as she gets a vaccination shot. 3 On-Site Vaccine and Vaccine Booster Clinics

Volunteers cooking. $2.3 million in community donations and sponsorships