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Some of the most amazing business stories start on a napkin.

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The family that works together, stays together.

An artist is creative, and especially tries to think outside the box. We're small enough to be in each of our stores every day. And we're also large enough to stay on top of the main trends inside the industry.

John Rowe - "The Artist"
Speedy's Convenience

The business of problem solving.

Our ability to help our customers with product development and marketing strategy, logistics, warehousing, trucking. All these things are problems for our customers that we solve on a daily basis. As long as the company's growing, we can continue.

Fred Schneider - "The Visionary"

A bank who can rally behind its companies.

Banking is still all about relationships. That's why we choose to bank local ... with a bank who can rally behind us. We've found that in Equity Bank.

Casey Lund - "The Healer"
Warrensburg Collision

Bank with the best.

Equity Bank has been, frankly, the best bank I’ve ever worked with. They’ve been so willing, early on, to grow with us, listen to us and provide us with amazing advice and banking that has been pivotal to our growth. We’ve gone from non-existent, to the second largest firm in our market and a top ten firm in our state.

Bruce Rowley - "The Fireball"
RSM Marketing

Focus on what's important.

It’s important to us to have a good banker and to pretty much be worry free, because if you’re worry free you can spend your time figuring out what the next #1 glove is going to be.

Stephen Franke - "The Improver"
Midwest Quality Gloves

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Equity Bank has been a fantastic bank and partner to work with in representing our clients needs, as well as supporting our needs and what we do for the client.

Michelle Becker - "The Analyst"
Profit Builders, Inc.


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