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Equity Reserve Line of Credit

We have you covered when finances throw you a curveball.

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Money when you need it.

For checking account holders, an equity reserve line of credit offers you peace of mind and extra cash when you need a backup. Prevent overdraft fees and unexpected costs with flexible funds that provide financial padding. A line of credit gives you the assurance you need when you need it most—from unexpected medical bills to urgent car repairs. And it’s affordable, with low minimum monthly payments and no annual fee. Whether you’re tight on money for holiday gifts or just getting your business off the ground, a reliable credit line can help ease the strain.


No Annual Fee

18.00% fixed APR

Low Minimum Payments

Only 2% of outstanding balance ($20 minimum)

Credit Limit

$500-$1,500 (subject to QualiFile score)

Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is fixed at 18% and is accurate as of August 1, 2019. Rates are subject to change without notice. No origination or closing fees; no annual fee. Minimum line of credit amount is $500; maximum $1,500, subject to QualiFile score. Line of credit term is 30 year draw and repayment period. Payment is 2% of outstanding balance with $20 minimum. Automatic payment from attached Equity Bank checking account required. Overdraft protection transfers will be made in $100 increments; $11 fee is assessed to the checking account for each incoming transfer from Equity Reserve LOC for overdraft protection; there is no fee for internet banking or phone/in-person transfers. Internet banking or phone/in-person transfers may be performed for any amount up to the available credit limit; increments of $100 are not required. All account owners and signers (excluding PODs) must be age 21 or above. Line of credit is subject to credit approval.