Settling into a new home can feel nothing less than overwhelming. Between the packing, the moving and the disarray, it can be easy to forget important to-dos that need to be done before you can fully enjoy your new space. Make sure you write down these easy steps so you can stay organized by checking them off as you go.

Transfer Your Utilities

You’ll want to transfer your utilities a few days before you plan on moving into your new home. By doing this ahead of time, you’re ensuring the company has enough time to make the switch. Think about all your utilities that need transferred such as electric, gas, television, internet, water, telephone and trash service. Many utility companies make the process easy by allowing you to transfer everything online, or with a quick phone call.

Change Your Address

Be sure to change your address so your mail comes to your new home. This can easily be done by visiting the post office website or stopping in to fill out an official form. The change of address process is different when it comes to your banking. Call any financial institute via telephone to let them know you have a change of address.

Secure Your Home

If your home isn’t brand new, the previous owners may have copies of the entry keys. Call a locksmith, or purchase all new locks, to ensure no one else has access except you and your family. In addition, change the garage door entry codes if applicable.

Check Safety Features

If you received an inspection, you may already know if your safety appliances are working properly or not. But, just to be sure, check all of the home’s smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors to ensure proper performance. If your home doesn’t have a small fire extinguisher, purchase one as soon as possible. If you find a fire extinguisher, make sure it’s not expired.

Arrange Your Furniture

When you move to a new home, it may take a while to make the rooms both comfortable and functional. You may need to rearrange your furniture several times, or even buy new furniture that will better fit your space.

Know Your New Home

In case of an emergency where you need a quick response, get to know your home before something like that arises. Check your main circuit breaker to see if everything is labeled correctly. Test this by turning the knobs off, then back on again. Also know where your main water shutoff valve is. If you have a leak, you’ll want to stop it quickly.

Help Children and Pets Adjust

Sometimes a move and a new environment can be stressful for both child and pet. Kids sometimes have to say goodbye to old friends and make new friends, which can be tough. Try to unpack their rooms first so they can begin to resume normalcy as soon as possible. For pets, introduce them to their new home gradually, allowing them to hide if they need to. Try to surround pets with familiar items so that they begin to feel more comfortable as time goes on.

Know the Area

If you aren’t very familiar with your new home’s surroundings, take a walk or a drive around the block. Look for gas stations, grocery stores, banks or other places you’ll want to visit often.

Make Your Home Your Own

If possible, start customizing your new home before you move in so you can work without obstacles. Know your vision and make it happen by replacing light fixtures, painting the walls or adding decorative art. Be sure to stock up on cleaning supplies and have tools on hand.

Know Your Homeowners Association Rules

If your new neighborhood has an HOA, get to know their rules as some can be strict and heavily enforced. They often require approval before you make any changes to the outside of your home. If your community provides trash or recycling pickup, learn the schedule for these services.

Meet Your Neighbors

It’s good to meet your neighbors and make friendships around the area so everyone can look out for each other.


Buying a new home is a difficult process on its own, but when you add moving into the mix, stress can be at an all time high. Breathe deep and enjoy your new home, all while making it a reflection of your personal style!


At Equity Bank, the Official Bank of Movers, we’re here to help ease you into the transition of moving into a new place. Think of it as our way of saying “Welcome home.”