The Great American Road Trip is an iconic tradition in the United States. There are so many incredible destinations in the US, that it makes sense to hit the open road while saving money and spending quality time with the kids or a group of close friends! Airline tickets can cost thousands of dollars, so if you want to go on an epic adventure this summer without breaking the bank, we’ve got the ultimate road trip for you!

Randal Olson, a fourth year graduate research assistant at Michigan State University, used a genetic algorithm to build the “perfect US road trip” and map out the fastest route to see the best sights in America.


With this route, you'll travel through all 48 contiguous US states, and see the best “mix of 50 major national landmarks, national historic sites, national parks and national monuments” that each has to offer, according to the Bold Italic Magazine! From San Francisco, CA in the west to Acadia National Park, ME in the east, and from Glacier National Park, MT in the north to Cape Canaveral, FL in the south, you will always have something exciting to do on this 13,700 mile journey across the US. 

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