From the first moment you learn you’re expecting, you dream of what your child’s future might be. As they grow, you think about ways you can prepare them to achieve dreams that are all their own. 

We’re here for you and your kids at every stage, with savings and money management solutions to help build a bright and beautiful future.

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Go! Card

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Teach your kids real world money management skills that will benefit them all through life. The Go! Card lets you load only what they need, or you want them to spend, directly from your checking account. They learn to budget, and you don’t have to worry about lost debit cards or bank statement surprises. It’s fast, easy and free.

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ECO Savings

It’s never too early to encourage good saving habits. This is a great account for first-time savers or students. There’s no monthly service charge with a daily balance of $200 or more. We’ll even waive the service charge and $100 minimum to open the account for students under the age of 18.

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Certificates of Deposit (CDs)

Build for your child's future with a risk-free investment option. CDs combine the security of a savings account with higher interest and more earning power. When relatives ask for birthday ideas, instead of another toy that'll be forgotten in the pile, a contribution to a CD is a smart idea. While kids might rank it up there with socks when it comes to exciting gifts, they'll say "thanks!" when it's time to pay for a car or college. 

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