Football season is in full swing! While you’re watching the game, let your kids have some fun of their own with these five football-themed games.

1. Interception

Interception requires a quarterback, defender and receiver. The defender begins downfield and the receiver runs down the field to await the quarterbacks throw so that they can reach the end zone without being tagged. The round ends either when the defender tags the receiver, the pass is incomplete or the receiver scores. When the game ends, the players rotate and the new player becomes quarterback, the receiver becomes the defender, the quarterback becomes the receiver and the defender waits in line for the current game to end.

2. Fake Out

The objective of Fake Out is for the faker to run past the tagger with the football and reach the opposite baseline without getting tagged. The faker can move in any direction but they must stay within the field boundaries.The tagger must tag the faker with both hands. Then players switch places, waiting in line across the opposite side for their turn to run and fake or put up the defense and tag.

3. Ultimate Football

Ultimate Football is nearly identical to Ultimate Frisbee except that it requires a football. Ultimate football is a fast paced game that gives all players to the opportunity to throw and catch. Two teams work to get the ball across the field without the other team acquiring the ball. Players on offense can pass to their teammates, but they can’t run with the ball. If the ball is dropped, blocked by the defense or a pass incomplete, the ball will be turned over to the other team’s possession.

4. Paper Football

Paper football is a fun game that can be played indoors or outdoors. Fold a piece of paper into three equal parts the long way. Fold the bottom edge of the paper upward to form a triangle. Continue folding triangles until there is just a small flap of paper remaining. Then, fold the flap into the triangle and you now have a paper football. The game is played with two people. Ideally, there will be a long table between the players, but an imaginary or makeshift table will also work. Each player gets four tries to slide the paper football across the table from each end. A touchdown is scored by getting the football to sit partially on and partially off the edge of the table. If a player scores, they get one attempt to flick the football through their opponent’s fingers in the shape of a goal post.

5. Quarter Football

In Quarter Football, both teams take turns getting four tries to get the quarter, hidden in one player’s fist, all the way down the field. Once the play starts, defense must tag all the other players. Once all players are tagged, the player with the quarter makes themselves known and the next play begins from that same spot. If the player with the hidden quarter in their hand cross the end zone, the two teams must switch places and start again.