Busy people may struggle to balance work, life and staying healthy. Easy solutions can sometimes take the place of a more mindful approach, leading to an unhealthy lifestyle. So, what can you start doing everyday for a good quality of life? Take note of the eight most important things that healthy people do often.

1. They Get Enough Sleep

Sleep is so important in order to lead a healthy life. While everyone has a different idea of how many hours of sleep we need every night, getting enough sleep will help ensure that a person is on top of their game all day long. Stay consistent with your sleeping schedule and you may even notice a spike in energy.

2. They Exercise

This one may seem obvious, but truly healthy people don’t have to be professional athletes. Even getting up and moving for around 30 minutes a day can have its benefits. Keep in mind, getting enough sleep goes hand-in-hand with exercise; if you’re too tired to exercise, you probably aren’t going to.

3. They Meditate

Meditation can help relax you and clear your mind. Every time we encounter an obstacle to fulfilling our goals, we face stress which has a negative impact on our health. Clarity and the ability to focus on goals are crucial to begin having a healthy lifestyle. It’s the byproduct of the inner calm and peace that meditation brings.

4. They Drink Water

Water is of major importance to us, especially because our bodies are mostly made up of water. Water helps to carry essential vitamins and nutrients to organs and brings toxins out of the body. When people don’t drink enough water, they become tired, weak and have a general lack of energy. For that reason, drinking plenty of water is an important aspect of a healthy lifestyle. Always try for around eight cups of water per day.

5. They Prioritize Relationships

Having strong friendships helps to both decrease stress and enables people to deal with stress in a healthier manner. Social support is an important coping mechanism.

6. They Are Positive

Like the Law of Attraction says, positivity will only breed more positivity. Healthy people are practical, but they are also able to lift themselves back up after a hiccup, and they can see the good in any situation. The first step to doing that is keeping a positive attitude. Even if you don’t feel positive, fake it ‘til you make it.

7. They Wake Up Early

Waking up well before you have to start the day gives you extra time to fully awaken and maybe even accomplish small tasks that are important to you. Something as simple as reading a chapter out of a book in the morning will bring a sense of accomplishment, and that feeling will stay throughout the day.

8. They Eat Breakfast

A wholesome breakfast will set you up with the energy you need to get through the morning. But, not all breakfast is good for you. Make sure to start the day with a protein-rich meal, full of natural ingredients.

Beginning a healthier lifestyle isn’t hard, it just takes balance, dedication and perseverance. Take care of yourself by implementing these eight tips as often as you can.