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Activate AutoSave on your checking account and watch your savings grow with every swipe of your card.

To take advantage of AutoSave, you'll need. An Equity Bank checking account, a savings account and a debit card
Here's how it works:
1. Every debit card transaction rounds up to the nearest whole dollar amount.
2. The spare change sweeps straight from your checking account to your savings account.
For example: If you pay $23.45 at the grocery store, you will see an automatic "AutoSave" transfer of 55 cents into your savings account. Which means, with each swipe up your debit card, your savings adds up! 

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Plus, when you activate AutoSave, the minimum balance is waived from your savings account for the first year!

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*Note that you must have an Equity Bank checking account, debit card, and savings account to enjoy AutoSave. You must be listed as an owner on both the checking and savings account in order to qualify for this product. If you have a joint checking account then both owners must be present on the designated savings or money market account. Don't have a checking account with us? See our options and open your account online . Don't have a savings account with us? Learn more about our ECO Savings account .

All AutoSave-eligible debit card transactions will post to your checking account for the amount of your purchase or withdrawal. The amount rounded up will post as an AutoSave transfer transaction on your checking and savings account for the total amount rounded up for that business day.


"I just want to share with everyone how TOTALLY AWESOME AutoSave is. I set mine up in February of this year to transfer into my Christmas Club account. So, it has only been happening for about 8 mos. I have auto-saved about $250!!!! This tool is wonderful!!! That is $250 more I have to spend for Christmas, and it was painless!!" 

- Tammy, Eureka Springs, Arkansas
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When you have a checking account with us, you get a debit card that makes every ATM your ATM. We pay all ATM fees from any bank, any where in the nation! That's right, they never even hit your account! 

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