Exceedingly Optimistic

Zach Batson is a Fireball Entrepreneur and CEO of Asset Management Group who is incredibly passionate about his work. Zach is a firm believer in keeping a positive attitude no matter what the endeavor. “Every day when we come in, there’s more stuff to do, I am energetic about the things that we have to work on. We may have challenges, but I am absolutely optimistic at every point that we are going to get something to work out.”

Why Pick Equity Bank?

Equity Bank is still run today by the entrepreneurs who founded it, and is proud to work with Thomas Smith to bring his vision for Tomken Transportation to reality. “I value a banker who is an extension of me, not just another yes man,” says Smith. “We need somebody that has the ability to say no when it’s necessary.”

Savvy Saying

“Make it work.”

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