March 24, 2016

Why the Type of Bank You Partner With Matters

Think back to high school or college when you were paired in groups and forced to work with people you barely knew. Maybe the first meetings went well, if they happened at all. But one thing’s for certain… In time, you always learned who the slacker was. Or slackers, if you were really unfortunate.

Thankfully, that was just school and today we have the freedom to choose our partners in most other areas of life. Family and friends. Co-workers and business partners. Lawyers and bankers. Each just as important as the next.

In a recent article posted on, Equity Bank’s Kansas City Market President, Mark Parman discusses Why the Type of Bank You Partner With Matters,

He writes, “The right bank will work with you to create an individualized banking plan. You’re not the same as all the other small businesses out there, and you shouldn’t have to bank the same as them either.”

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