April 28, 2016

What’s The Best Age To Be An Entrepreneur?

It feels like entrepreneurs are getting younger and younger. Everyday we seem to be reading about another teenage kid who has created a digital product and service that is spreading around the world in record speed. So…is entrepreneurship the exclusive domain of young people? I’ve heard it said that entrepreneurship is best for young people at the start of their career and with little to lose. But the flip side of this theory is that they also have limited business experience and non-existent professional networks to draw from. Older entrepreneurs have more experience, larger networks and more resources, but can be set in their ways and not able to be as nimble as is often required in a start-up.

Like so much of life, the answer lies not in age but in state-of-mind. No matter your age, you might be an entrepreneur if you answer yes to any of these questions.

Do you see new ways to create value in your world everyday? Do you have an abnormally high belief in your own abilities? Are you capable of visualizing a future that others just can’t see? When you encounter risk, do you run from it or immediately go to work finding a way to mitigate it?

While we continue to be amazed by the youth of so many entrepreneurs today, we’re energized by entrepreneurs of all ages who make the plunge.

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