Slow down in order to speed up

Casey Lund, fireball entrepreneur and the manager of Warrensburg Collision in Warrensburg, Mo., believes to be a successful company, preparation is crucial to execution. “Our company mantra is 'slow down in order to speed up.'" This starts with the estimate, through parts ordering, and using communication and collaboration to ensure the company's spirit is aligned around our customer. " Lots of eyes are better than one. Lots of minds are better than one."  

A bank who can rally behind its companies 

Equity Bank was founded by entrepreneurs and is still being run with an entrepreneurial spirit today. We're proud to work with Casey to help his company continue to grow, differentiating from a competitive industry. “Banking is still all about relationships. That's why we choose to bank local ... with a bank who can rally behind us. We've found that in Equity Bank.”

Collaboration and communication crucial

Work with the growth-minded professionals at Equity Bank to take your idea to the next level. And take some advice from Casey,  "As a healer, it's not about me. I'm here to lead, and bring everyone together, so they can collaborate, and communicate. My job is to teach and train them to help us win."

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