Outside the Box

John Rowe, CEO of Speedy's Convenience in St. Joseph, Missouri, is an artist type of entrepreneur, who has worked with his family to build Speedy's from one location to 10 stores ranging from St. Joseph. “An artist is creative, and especially tries to think outside the box. We're small enough to be in each of our stores every day. And we're also large enough to stay on top of the main trends inside the industry."

Margaret Bruce, the Visionary

“Ever since I could walk I've been in a convenience store, bagging ice and bagging popcorn ," said Margaret Bruce of Speedy's. "Now I get to help build a future for Speedy's." Margaret's 'A-Ha' moment was envisioning and helping build the newest Speedy's in Kansas City, Kansas.

Jason Rowe, the Hero

  Equity Bank is still run today by the entrepreneurs who founded it. We're proud to work with the Rowe family, including Jason, the Hero, to help Speedy's continue to grow. “On paper we're working to boost our inside sales and outside sales, and in practice, we're providing the extra amenities that other convenience stores may not," said Jason.

Jane Rowe, the Healer

"Each job that each one of us does defines each one of us," said Jane Rowe, the Healer. As executive secretary and mother, Rowe loves to keep the peace among the entrepreneurs in the family as Speedy's embarks on new challenges with the help of Equity Bank. “The family that works together, stays together.”

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