The business of problem solving

Fred Schneider, visionary entrepreneur and CEO of RitePack, knows that a successful entrepreneur begins with solving a problem for a customer. Our ability to help our customers with product development and marketing strategy, logistics, warehousing, trucking. All these things are problems for our customers that we solve on a daily basis. As long as the company's growing, we can continue."  

Fast pace of growth 

Equity Bank is still run today by the entrepreneurs who founded it and is proud to work with RitePack COO Cory Shue to bring their visions to reality. “When you have a company that's grown rapidly like ours, it's good to have a bank who can grow along with it.”

What if the impossible just takes longer?

Work with the growth-minded professionals at Equity Bank and take some advice from Fred,  "I tend to look at business in a long term. The What-ifs about business. ... How would we look in two, four, ten years from now? Projects and tasks tend to take a long time. But the impossible ones? They take longer.”

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