July 21, 2016

Kansas Entrepreneurs

Kansas has a long and proud history of entrepreneurship. Companies like Pizza Hut, Boeing and Koch Industries paved the way for local entrepreneurs. Now companies like High Touch and Excel Industries are leading the way for the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Kansas. We recently surveyed over 500 people in Kansas to see which companies and leaders in the state are the most recognizable.

We asked participants to name an entrepreneurial leader or company in Kansas.
Of the responses we received, 25% of participants named Koch Industries or Charles and David Koch. Other responses included Sprint, Cerner and Pizza Hut.

Kansas entrepreneurs have more resources for success than ever before, thanks to programs like 1 million cups and the e2e business accelerator. Renewed interest from investors and local companies is powering a stronger entrepreneurial spirit here in Kansas. As national interest in entrepreneurship gains momentum, local interest is benefiting too. Academic programs like WSU’s "New Venture Program” competition are giving students entrepreneurial opportunities during and after college. Events like 1 million cups and Startup Weekend are bringing together new and experienced entrepreneurs.

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