A Natural Passion

For John Jacobsen, owner of A-Plus Auto & Truck Repair, being passionate about what you do is vital to growing a successful business. “I love this business. I get passionate about most things I do, but this one was just natural for me.”

Mutual Understanding

Equity Bank is still run today by the entrepreneurs that founded it and is proud to work with John Jacobsen to bring his vision for A-Plus Auto & Truck Repair to reality. “I don’t need someone who can just look at the numbers and tell me this is what my interest rate should be. I need someone who really understands what we’re trying to accomplish and how we can get there.”

Strategic Partner

Work with the growth-minded professionals at Equity Bank and take some advice from John: “You need to keep your bank as a strategic partner and they need to now where you’re at, good and bad.”

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