July 1, 2016

Happy Employees Make For Happy Customers

A good business owner knows that without customers there is no business. To grow and maintain their business, entrepreneurs must ensure their customers are happy. But what does that mean? How do businesses connect with their customers? It all starts with employees.

Employees are the foundation of a business. Whether employees interact with customers on a daily basis or are responsible for building the product or service the customers use, they are the biggest influence on customer satisfaction. Both the positive and negative views customers form about a company are linked to their interactions with employees. When customers experience a problem with a product their experience does not have to be bad. Working with an employee who is understanding and does what they can to fix the problem is likely to leave customers with a better view of the company. Customers who experience a problem but are impressed with how the employee handled it are often left with a better respect for the company.

For employees to build better products and experiences, they should feel the same way about your company as you want your customers to feel.
If you want your customers to believe that your company is dependable and trustworthy your employees must feel the same way. For example, if a company has a habit of not paying their employees on time they are unlikely to make your customers feel safe. On the other hand, happy employees are more likely to go above and beyond and leave customers feeling appreciated.

A survey of Forbes "America's Best Employees' and USA Today's Customer Service Hall of Fame demonstrates how keeping employees happy keeps customers happy. Companies like Marriott and Apple are on both list. Both companies offer a very competitive wage in comparison to their competition. Apple’s donation-matching program offers several benefits for employees who donate and volunteer for nonprofit causes. Customer satisfaction for both companies centers around the quality of their products. Apple customers remain satisfied because every Apple product on the market has gained a reputation for quality. Marriott hotels are also consistently clean, modern and professional. This combined with programs like their customer loyalty programs give customers a feeling of appreciation.

Successful entrepreneurs are able to connect with their customers and offer unique solutions to their customers’ problems. However, a key step in building and maintaining your business is connecting and building strong relationships with their employees. Employees that feel like an important part of the company they admire will work to give others the same sense of trustworthiness and dependability, as well as build and improve your business offerings.

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