People spend most of their time at work, so it’s important that managers do all they can to make that time enjoyable, fulfilling and well-spent. Not only will this help with employee happiness, but it will also help the company with employee retention. Here are the top five traits of managers who keep happy employees.

1. They’re Upbeat

Great managers are positive and radiant. It’s better for them, their employees and business. Successful managers are secure in their own well-being. Each day they set an upbeat tone for their team with a great attitude.

Managers who stand out from the average are self motivated and can easily motivate others with their contagious personalities. They don’t remain stagnant but rather they ask themselves how they can improve team morale and implement new tactics to keep passions at an all time high. Successful and well-liked managers cultivate the relationship between happiness and achievement in their team members.

2. They Love What They Do

Great managers love what they do. They invest their time and resources into self-improvement, training and education. When a manager has this level of passion, it is contagious and inspiring to those who work with them. Well-liked managers hold the awareness that the only way to stay ahead of their competition is to grow themselves and their team to be even better.

Good managers hone in on their leadership skills by using engagement exercises and practices amongst their team. Successful managers focus on teaching their team members how to work with each other, rather than against each other.

3. They’re Dedicated

The best managers only expect the best from their team. Poor results aren’t an option, and knowing that fact reflects upon their ability to manage well, just as much as it reflects upon the team’s ability to succeed. Great managers encourage collaboration and offer incentives to get their team motivated. They don’t tolerate gossip or negativity, and they make sure to keep their team solution-focused.

4. Quality Matters

Top managers focus on the quality of the work that’s being produced. As important as volume and productivity may be on the front-end of a deal, it is the quality of the services and reliability of the final product that ultimately determines its value.

The best managers expect a productive use of skill, knowledge and time. These managers understand that the most successful teams are those who create and experience impactful results. Team members have to believe in who they are, the product they’re selling, their clientele and the importance of delivering the best results.

5. Success is Shared

Successful managers strive to have a meaningful impact on their staff. Great managers want to make a difference in their team, and because of this, they celebrate everyone’s accomplishments. They are generous with their time and attention when someone needs it. The well-being of their team members is one of the most important things because they know that when people feel like they’re making a positive contribution, they reach above and beyond.