August 4, 2016

e2e Celebrates their inaugural accelerator class

Local entrepreneurs and business leaders started a journey to improve the local entrepreneurial environment in Wichita a little less than two years ago. The e2e Accelerator is the result of their efforts. The accelerator officially launched its program on the 18th of July and the opening celebration took place on the 21st.

The e2e 4is backed by a variety of local entrepreneurs and companies.
The program will last 12 weeks and culminate in a demo day on October 5th. Titled “Accelerate the Heartland,” the demo day will give participants an opportunity to demonstrate and pitch their company to investors. The accelerator program will cover topics from market analysis and development to operational development and leadership.

The inaugural class of Accelerators consists of six Wichita companies in different industries.

  • Reverie – Reverie roasts and distributes premium coffee to serve specialty coffee cafes, restaurants, offices, churches, and schools, in addition to its café located on East Douglas.
  • Tru-Building – Tru-Building was founded in 2010 by Jeff Jones and is based in Wichita. The idea behind starting the company was to provide a customer experience during the construction process, from idea to completion. This passion has expanded the last several years by utilizing the latest technologies in building science to build healthier, highly efficient buildings.
  • Knoxx – Wichita resident and business executive Mike Mathia is the founder of both Insights Career Consulting, LLC., a strategic Human Resources firm and KNOXX, LLC., a recruiting venture meant to connect talented candidates with the employers that are seeking talent through the visibility and impact that video technology provides.
  • Buddyrest – Trevor Crotts is an ambitious, results-oriented entrepreneur with a passion for innovation and empowering others around him. He has a myriad of experience from different jobs from starting an insurance agency, to working as a corporate trainer, to even appearing on live national shopping television.
  • Visibility Optics – Chad Cox is a former U.S. Army Airborne Ranger and holds a B.S degree in Computer Science from Wichita State University. Chad is a full-stack programmer and has worked and contracted at several companies including LSI, Access Group, and High Touch. Dr. Steven Cox is a 1993 graduate of the University of Houston College of Optometry and completed a hospital-based residency at the VAMC in Baltimore, Maryland in 1994.
  • KingFit – Miguel Johns’ passion for health and wellness lead him to use his division-1 football scholarship to pursue a degree in exercise science. Miguel has experience as a personal trainer, college strength & conditioning coach, and nutrition coach. The KingFit Lifestyle Change Program is 16 weeks and is divided into 4 phases. The service is delivered through the KingFit Membership Portal and communicated via video, text and email.

The success of the e2e Accelerator program is based on support from the local community. The program is off to a great start and is looking to add more programs in the near future.

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