Don’t Lose Track Of Your Vision

Dave Zavala, visionary entrepreneur and president of Hyspeco, inc., believes overcoming obstacles is key to success. “Anytime you’re going to venture into something that’s got risk in it, there are going to be obstacles to overcome. And to lead people through that without losing track of what your vision is, is what’s going to make you successful.”

Surround Yourself With Good People

Like Equity Bank, Dave understands the importance of carefully selecting those he works closely with, “If you asked me what would I advise someone who wanted to go into business, I would recommend that they surround themselves with good people. People that have better skillsets than their own.”

Never Be Afraid To Fail

Work with the growth-minded professionals at Equity Bank and take some advice from Dave, “Never be afraid to fail. If you don’t take risks, you’re not going to move forward.”

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