If you’re feeling manipulated by your bank, you might have unwittingly become a bank puppet.

Bank accounts come with endless rules designed to make customers behave one way and then another to avoid a changing landscape of fees. If you’re tired of being jerked around by your bank, Equity Bank accounts offer common sense accounts designed to best fit your needs, not trap you in a mountain of unforeseen charges.

Every business has a story. Some start on napkins.

Every business has an origin story, many start as just inspired scribbles on a napkin. Like most entrepreneurs, we love a good business story about a dream, a vision and the tools and determination to make it real. 

What's yours?

Small Business Checking

No bank puppets here, we designed this account specifically for small business, with low to moderate transaction activity, and minimal fees for transactions over the limit. After all, a small business is just the beginning of a bigger business.

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Community Checking

Some of the most valuable parts of a community aren’t pursuing profit. Our Community Checking is built to support non-profit or community groups with free convenience services and a very low monthly fee

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Sole Proprietor Checking

Are you the boss of you? This business checking account is loaded with time-saving, free convenience services so banking can get out of the way and you can get down to business.

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Premier Business Checking

A busy business can lead to a very busy bank account! The Premier Checking account features a low opening balance, includes moderate to high transaction activity and a full suite of time-saving banking services.

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Commercial Checking

Congratulations, it's time to take your business to the next level. Our Commercial Checking account is perfect for high volume businesses who also need to utilize our treasury management services.

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