Think Outside The Box

For Bruce Rowley, Principal & CEO of RSM Marketing, energy and creativity are key to success in his industry. “We have to come up with creative ideas every day to create breakthrough for our clients. They’re coming to us, not looking for something that they could have thought of, they’re coming to us for that passion and that energy behind creative thought that will drive their business to the next level.”

Bank With The Best

Equity Bank is still run today by the entrepreneurs that founded it and is proud to work with Bruce Rowley to bring his vision for RSM Marketing to reality. “Equity Bank has been, frankly, the best bank I’ve ever worked with. They’ve been so willing, early on, to grow with us, listen to us and provide us with amazing advice and banking that has been pivotal to our growth. We’ve gone from non-existent, to the second largest firm in our market and a top ten firm in our state.”

No Plan Survives First Contact

Work with the growth-minded professionals at Equity Bank and take some advice from Bruce: “No plan survives first contact, so don’t spend forever trying to perfect it to make it absolutely foolproof. It will never happen.”

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