Never Planned To Be A Banker

Brad Elliott is the Chairman and CEO of Equity Bank. He never planned on being a banker, but his dad encouraged him to learn about people and how they run their business through banking. One of the reasons Brad thought it was important to form the bank was because he felt banks didn’t truly take care of customers’ needs. “We wanted to be a business bank focused on business.”

What Makes Equity the Entrepreneur’s Bank?

Equity Bank’s team has a strong understanding of business fundamentals, including what entrepreneurs face and what they need. Most of Equity Bank’s commercial lenders have worked for a bank and then left the industry for a few years to work on the client side or in their own businesses. “They then come back to banking at Equity Bank because of our entrepreneurial spirit, but also our focus on small business. So we see what it’s like from both sides of the desk.”

Savvy Saying

“We don’t have a one-size-fits-all approach.”

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