As you move into the new year and close out the old, it’s time to look back on your biggest accomplishments in 2016 and remember what you’re most proud of. During times of transition especially, it’s wise to focus on the skills you’ve acquired, the tasks you’ve completed and the lessons you’ve learned in order to thrive in your next steps.

Many people only focus on the goals they want to achieve in the future. While having goals is essential for progression, only focusing on the future can trick our minds into thinking our desires are always dangling in front of us and just out of reach. But, if we take a look behind us, the picture is quite different.

We asked people from all over the country what their biggest accomplishments were in 2016.

Out of over 500 responses we received, most participants said they were proud of their career.

Working helps provide people with a purpose, and according to the Harvard Business Review, the most important way to boost inner work life is to make progress in meaningful work.

Inner work life refers to the emotions, perceptions and motivations that people experience throughout their work days. These reactions affect their motivation for the job, which in turn, have a powerful influence on their work performance. When people have a positive inner work life, they are more productive, creative, and committed to their work.

The more frequently people experience a sense of progress, the more likely they are to be productive in the long run. Now is the perfect time to remember your progress over the last year and celebrate your wins with your friends, family, or colleagues. You may even notice a boost in productivity!