April 14, 2016

9 Entrepreneur Types. Which Type Are You?

At Equity Bank, we believe that inside every great company, there’s an entrepreneur driving it forward. Entrepreneurs come in many shapes and forms, but we often see similarities among them that help define particular entrepreneur types.

For example, one entrepreneur type that we frequently work with is, what we call, the “Superstar.” Superstars tend to center their business on their high energy and charisma. If you’re a superstar, your personality will likely drive you to build your business around your own personal brand.

Then there’s the “Fireball,” full of life, energy and optimism. A company led by a Fireball entrepreneur offers customers a get-it-done attitude in a fun, playful manner.

There’s also “Visionary” entrepreneurs. The Visionary builds their business on their future vision and thoughts. They have a high degree of curiosity about the world around them and will create plans to avoid the landmines.

But wait, we can’t forget the “Improver.” If you operate your business in “Improver mode,” you are focused on using your company as a means to improve the world. You also have an unwavering ability to run your business with high integrity and ethics. Your overarching motto — “Morally correct companies will be rewarded for working on a noble cause.”

These are just a few of the entrepreneur types we’ve had the pleasure of growing our business with. In all, we see most often nine types of entrepreneurs that innovate, create, design and help build this great nation.

To learn about all 9 Entrepreneur Types, or to take a quiz to learn which type you are, please visit EquityBankNapkinStories.com.

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