Panic. Sweat. Worry. Anger. Sound familiar?

If you’ve ever had your finances comprised, you’ve been there. When someone puts one over on you, hacks your account or flat out steals your money, it leaves you feeling...well, violated. We know that security threats on or off the internet are lurking around every corner, which is why we’re looking out for our customers’ every move.

With Equity Bank, you can trust that our sophisticated technology, protocols and procedures will keep your assets safe. While we can’t control everything that happens outside our walls, we have the expertise and resources to quickly regain control of your account should it be compromised. 

Extra Security: Shazam Bolt$

You use your debit card nonstop. Every day. And your security key. When you bank with us, we provide complementary security through Shazam Bolt$ account protection, an app that warns you of fraudulent or unauthorized debit card use.

If something looks questionable on your account, a Shazam representative will reach out via phone or email, and confirm or flag suspicious activity. Should your card be compromised, we'll immediately block further use and ship you the new card.

Shazam representatives are available 24/7. If your card declines, or you need to reach a representative, you can contact Shazam directly at (866) 508-2693.

Download Shazam Bolt$ today!

Register your Equity Bank MasterCard. Swipe, spend, and stay secure.


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