Two Equity Bank debit cards on a wooden background. The first one has a black, white and orange cat and the one behind it has a bulldog.

Take your favorite photo or most cherished memory with you everywhere you go! 

Life is filled with special moments, that time you and your dog Buster nailed the perfect selfie, your wedding photo, or your favorite family vacation. Now, you can hold on to those memories everywhere you go by putting them on your debit card


Create your card in 3 easy steps!
  1. Click the "Get Started" link below.

  2. Upload your favorite photo or choose from our gallery.

  3. Add your name and information.

That's it. We'll have your new customized debit card to you in no time! 

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Say Hello to Equity Bank, Goodbye to ATM Fees! 

At Equity Bank, we understand how important it is to save money, that's why we block all ATM fees from hitting your account! Most banks can charge up to $4 per transaction to access your money. Here, it's on the house, every time! Learn more.


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Two Equity Bank debit cards on a wood table. The first one is of a bulldog, and the one behind it is of a black, orange and white cat.

Watch your savings grow with every swipe of your debit card!

Saving has never been so simple!

When you activate AutoSave on your checking account, your savings account will grow with every swipe.

Here's how it works.

Each debit card transaction rounds up to the nearest whole dollar. The spare change goes straight from your checking to your savings account. For example, if you go to the pet store and spend $18.45, you will see an automatic "AutoSave" transfer of 55 cents into your savings account.

Protect your debit card!

We know that security threats on or off the internet are lurking around every corner (even at your favorite coffee shop). That's why we're looking out for our customers' every move. Protect your debit card with Shazam Bolt$.

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