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Many business origin stories start with scribbles. Share your story here.

Every business has an origin story, many start as just inspired scribbles on a napkin. Like most entrepreneurs, we love a good business story about a dream, a vision and the tools and determination to make it real. Equity Bank was created and built by the leadership in place today, so we know a thing or two about starting up, growing and surviving and thriving in the face of challenges. We’d like to share yours as part of our Napkin Story series. Share your story.

Every Journey Needs A Guide!

Equity Bank is passionate about working with entrepreneurs to help them achieve their dream of starting a business or taking their company to the next level. Now's the perfect time to talk with a lender over a cup of coffee to map out your next steps! Find a location near you or contact one of our lenders in Wichita or Kansas City about our Treasury Management solutions.

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There are 9 types of entrepreneurs.

No two entrepreneurs are the same, each has different strengths and skills. Identifying and understanding your entrepreneur type can help you build a more effective organization around you. Take our quick online quiz to learn your Entrepreneur Type. You may be surprised how this valuable self understanding can start improving your performance and the performance of your business. Self awareness starts here.

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