Family Matters

Michelle Becker is President & CEO of Profit Builders Inc. An Analyst Entrepreneur with a Fireball twist, Michelle is a firm believer in carefully balancing work and family. “Over the last 20 years I’ve really developed a passion for allowing my employees to have a strong work-life, family-life balance. This was very important to me when I had a young child, so I passed that along to my staff.”

Why Pick Equity Bank?

Equity Bank is still run today by the entrepreneurs who founded it, and is proud to work with Michelle Becker and Profit Builders Inc. “Equity Bank has been a fantastic bank and partner to work with in representing our clients needs, as well as supporting our needs and what we do for the client.”

“The Best Advice I Would Give Someone…

… is the same advice I give my kids. With great power comes great responsibility.”

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