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Businesses start with a dream; a desire to have an impact on the world. 

A dream that won’t let you sleep until you turn it into a reality.

Even though that vision is uniquely yours, we share the same desire to make a mark on the KC community. Our commercial lenders are dedicated to helping you succeed, whether you’re launching a startup or expanding operations.

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If you're looking for personal service in business banking, our commercial lenders have the experience, the knowledge, and the passion to help you leave your mark on the Kansas City community and beyond. 

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Managing Your Money

Our customized cash management services can help your company succeed at every stop of the treasury management cycle:

  • Collection: Simply the receipt of cash or cash equivalents, Remote Deposit Capture, and electronic funds collection.
  • Concentration: Combine cash from two or more accounts into a single account and utilize these funds more effectively with ACH concentration and Zero Balance Account services.
  • Investment: Put your idle funds to work and increase profitability with a sweep account.
  • Disbursement: Add efficiency and save time with improved payment methods like ACH, wire transfers, direct payroll deduction, and payroll cards.
  • Control: Complete suite of product will help increase efficiency, save time and resources, and gain peace of mind knowing your finances are under your control.

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Investing In the Future

An ideal way to attract talent and build employee loyalty is through offering an attractive benefits package that may include non-qualified, deferred compensation, 401k, insurance-based options, or profit-sharing plans. 

Our team specializes in connecting your company with solutions that reward and retain your key employees while enriching the foundational ethos of your firm. 

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There are 9 types of entrepreneurs.

No two entrepreneurs are the same, each has different strengths and skills. Identifying and understanding your entrepreneur type can help you build a more effective organization around you. Take our quick online quiz to learn your Entrepreneur Type. You may be surprised how this valuable self understanding can start improving your performance and the performance of your business. Self awareness starts here.

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