Behind every business is an amazing story of inspiration, guts, leadership, challenges and victories. 


At Equity Bank, we love a great business story! So we’ve teamed up with Richard Rierson, host of the award winning podcast ‘Dose Of Leadership’ to capture a special series of business stories.

Listen to business leaders from all across the midwest tell their firsthand leadership stories and you'll see why Richards’ Dose Of Leadership podcast is on the ‘must listen’ lists from Forbes, Inc. and Entrepreneur magazine!


Dose of Leadership - Equity Bank Entrepreneur Podcast Series

Featuring Bud Gates: Entrepreneur, CEO, Executive, & Franchisee

Described as the "master franchiser," Gates has a track record of running some of the most successful franchises in the USA, including Rent-A-Center and Easygates, LLC. Tune in as he describes his journey and some of the hard choices he had to make along the way.



Featuring Bill Maness: Founder & CEO of Syndeo

Maness has been described as a dedicated, loyal, fiercely competitive, and demonstrative entrepreneur by his peers. Listen how his bold actions have launched Syndeo to success. 


Featuring Victor Lukic: President of Great Plains Industries

As a business owner or executive, there's rarely a quiet moment, especially in your thoughts. Listen as Lukic describes what's on his mind as he leads GPI to new levels of growth and prosperity. 

Featuring Jared Peterson: President/CEO of Vermillion

Peterson joined Vermillion in 2009 as a sales associate and quickly rose to Director of Manufacturing Operations. In 2017,  the company's former president retired, leaving Jared in charge. So many options and decisions requiring boldness, tune in to hear about Jared's inspirational climb to leadership and what he's learned along the way.


Many Business Origin Stories Start With Scribbles.

Start your story.

Every business has an origin story, many start as just inspired scribbles on a napkin. Like most entrepreneurs, we love a good business story about a dream, a vision and the tools and determination to make it real. Equity Bank was created and built by the leadership in place today, so we know a thing or two about starting up, growing and surviving and thriving in the face of challenges. We're passionate about working with entrepreneurs to help them achieve their dreams.
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