Behind every business is an amazing story of inspiration, guts, leadership, challenges and victories. 


At Equity Bank, we love a great business story! So we’ve teamed up with Richard Rierson, host of the award winning podcast ‘Dose Of Leadership’ to capture a special series of business stories.

Listen to business leaders from all across the midwest tell their firsthand leadership stories and you'll see why Richards’ Dose Of Leadership podcast is on the ‘must listen’ lists from Forbes, Inc. and Entrepreneur magazine!


Dose of Leadership - Equity Bank Entrepreneur Podcast Series

Featuring Scott Redler: COO of Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers

Scott Redler, a restaurant operator to the core, loves the sights, sounds and smells of a well-run restaurant. Growing up in St. Louis, he got his start in the restaurant business at age 15 catering events for groups of two to 6000.

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Featuring Julie Huber: Executive VP of Strategic Initiatives

Julie Huber joined Equity Bank in January 2003 and currently oversees mergers and acquisition integration and major projects for the $4.0-billion bank in her role as Executive Vice President of Strategic Initiatives.

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Featuring Scott Schwindaman: President & CEO of Lubrication Engineers

Scott Schwindaman has been president and CEO at Lubrication Engineers since 2007, having started as a laboratory technician in 1981 while he was still in college and working his way up through the ranks. Today, he oversees a company that has more than 100 employees in the U.S. and a large network of independent consultants and distributors who sell LE products and services worldwide. Listen to hear more of Scott's story.

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Featuring Steve Werner: CEO & Founder of Lawn Buddy, LLC

Steve Werner is the CEO & Founder of Lawn Buddy, an on-demand lawn care service, that connects lawn care providers, “lawntrepreneurs”, to homeowners, via a user-friendly app and website. Werner says the technology has evolved into an operating system for lawn and snow-removal services, and it’s starting to be used in other industries. Tune in to hear more about Werner's journey.

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Featuring Dr. Sheree Utash: President of WSU Tech

Dr. Sheree Utash has served as president of Wichita Area Technical College (WATC) since 2015 and has overseen the transition of the college to the WSU Campus of Applied Sciences and Technology (WSU Tech). Prior to that she served eight years at the college as vice president of academic affairs. With 6,500 students, WSU Tech is the largest technical college in Kansas and acts as managing partner for the National Center for Aviation Training. Dr. Sheree Utash tells her story in this episode of Dose of Leadership.

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Featuring Jeff Lange: Entrepreneur & Founder of Lange Real Estate & RedGuard

Jeff Lange embodies the spirit of the Kansas Entrepreneur. A native Kansan, Jeff first learned the excitement and perils of owning a business by growing up with a family farm business. Jeff's next experience came when he pursued a career in real estate and eventually opened Lange Real Estate. A few years later, he bought out his partner to become the sole owner of A Box 4 U, now RedGuard, a company that is now the leading authority in blast-resistant buildings. Listen to hear more about Jeff's driving force for success.

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Featuring Michelle Becker: Founder & CEO of Profit Builders, Inc.

Michelle Becker is the Founder & CEO of Profit Builders, Inc. Founded in 1994, Profit Builders is an industry leader in Outsource Accounting specializing in a full platform of accounting services. Profit Builders is known for working closing with business owners; becoming the eyes and ears for their clients so they can make effective & profitable decisions. Listen to hear more about Michelle's entrepreneurial and leadership success story.

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Featuring Allen Fee: President of Fee Insurance Group & Director of Hutchinson Regional Medical Center, Inc. 
Entrepreneurship, a commitment to delivering value-based recommendations to customers, and dedication to knowing each team member are just a few of the values shared by Allen Fee and his 3rd generation family-owned business, Fee Insurance Group. Fee Insurance Group's culture is based on delivering a great customer experience with a personal touch in a high-tech world. Listen to hear more about the Fee family legacy and Allen's road to success. 

Featuring Trevor Crotts: President & Founder of Buddy Brands

A proven results-oriented entrepreneur with a focus on innovation and empowerment, Trevor Crotts uses the experience he gained in other fields to differentiate his company from the rest. Listen to hear how his journey took him from marketing and sales expert to begin his dream as an entrepreneur.


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Featuring Karyn Page: President & CEO of Kansas Global Trade Services

Karyn Page is recognized across the nation for her global expertise in export promotion and ecosystem development.  As President and CEO of Kansas Global Trade Services, Karyn's dynamic abilities make her an invaluable asset to the businesses she advises in international trade. Tune in to hear her perspective on what it takes to play your role on the international scale.


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Featuring Dan Schawbel: Best Selling Author, Entrepreneur, Fortune 500 Consultant

His entrepreneurial expertise is what sets Dan Schawbel apart from the rest. Schawbel is the founder of two companies, the writer of multiple best selling books, and has been mentioned by over 2,000 media outlets. Named one of Forbes Magazine's 2012 "30 Under 30," Schawbel tells his story and discusses his latest works in this episode of Dose of Leadership.


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Featuring Dan McKenzie: CEO of Ensignal

To Dan McKenzie, success can only be achieved by focusing on three key areas: Knowledge, Objectivity, and Ethics/Values. It's with these three principles that McKenzie has grown Ensignal from 14 stores to nearly 100 locations throughout the western United States. Tune in as McKenzie dives deep into how these ideals have led to his success.


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Featuring Ronnie Leonard: President/CEO of Balco, Inc.

Ronnie Leonard didn't have to search far to find her calling. A graduate of Wichita State University, Leonard soon became a leader in her field as a CPA and Controller for Wichita businesses. It didn't take long for her leadership to be noticed, and she now leads prominent Wichita manufacturer Balco, Inc. Get her take on entrepreneurship in this episode of Dose of Leadership.


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Featuring Teresa Lovelady: President/CEO of HealthCore Clinic

No entrepreneur's path can be considered "traditional," especially not Teresa Lovelady's. From patient to President; tune in to hear Lovelady's inspiring story of how she conquered the odds to become President and CEO of HealthCore Clinic.


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Featuring Jon Rolph: President of Sasnak Management

Born and raised in Wichita, Rolph returned home to work in the family business of managing 60 successful restaurants across 10 states. Now the President of Sasnak, Rolph's familial entrepreneurial spirit drives him to success. Listen in to Rolph describe how growing up in an entrepreneurial family shaped his path.


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Featuring Bud Gates: Entrepreneur, CEO, Executive, & Franchisee

Described as the "master franchiser," Gates has a track record of running some of the most successful franchises in the USA, including Rent-A-Center and Easygates, LLC. Tune in as he describes his journey and some of the hard choices he had to make along the way.



Featuring Bill Maness: Founder & CEO of Syndeo

Maness has been described as a dedicated, loyal, fiercely competitive, and demonstrative entrepreneur by his peers. Listen how his bold actions have launched Syndeo to success. 


Featuring Victor Lukic: President of Great Plains Industries

As a business owner or executive, there's rarely a quiet moment, especially in your thoughts. Listen as Lukic describes what's on his mind as he leads GPI to new levels of growth and prosperity. 

Featuring Jared Peterson: President/CEO of Vermillion

Peterson joined Vermillion in 2009 as a sales associate and quickly rose to Director of Manufacturing Operations. In 2017,  the company's former president retired, leaving Jared in charge. So many options and decisions requiring boldness, tune in to hear about Jared's inspirational climb to leadership and what he's learned along the way.


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