We get it.

You don’t want to get the shakedown for opening something as simple as a checking account. Here, we don’t like hidden fees. And we’re not going to let them lurk in the shadows, either. Instead, how about a side of no ATM fees? Like ever.

Now, let’s help you figure out what checking account fits you and the types of things you do. With us, what you see is what you get.

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Feel the freedom.

When you have a checking account with us, you get a debit card that makes every ATM an Equity Bank ATM. Let’s paint the picture. You’ve got to grab some cash, but you’re far away from any of your bank’s ATMs, so you use the one closest to you. Before you get your cash, the machine will force you to agree to a fee. Some of these ATM fees now average more than $5. Yikes.

Go ahead and accept the fee. When you bank with us, your debit card will block ATM fees from ever showing up in your account. Take that, ATM bullies.

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ECO Checking

If you plan on keeping a low balance of $100 or more, ECO checking is your man. Say goodbye to monthly service charges and hello to e-services.

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Gold Checking

If you want to earn competitive interest on a balance of $1,000 or more, go gold. 

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Platinum Checking

If you plan on keeping higher balances up to $25,000 in your account, you need to be earning premium interest. Avoid a monthly service charge with a daily balance of $2,000 or more.

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SMART Checking

Live smarter with a "worry free" account that has reduced overdraft fees and unlimited check writing. All for a $10 monthly service charge. 

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Reorder Checks

You can reorder personal checks online.

Courtesy Pay

Overdrafts happen, which is why we offer Courtesy Pay, a service designed to help save additional merchant fees and possible damage to your credit history from a returned check. Learn more.

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My Debit Card Design

Create your debit card with images that reflect your own personal style. Get started.

Nickel & Dimed?

Don't be a Bank Puppet!

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You're Pet People. We're Pet People.

Open an Account, Help a Pet! 

When you open an account with Equity Bank, we'll donate $25 to a local cause in your community dedicated to making a difference in the lives of animals. PLUS a free gift for your pet! 

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Show Off Your Pride and Joy

We make it easy, you make it personal. Put a favorite photo of your furry friend on your Equity Bank MasterCard debit card.  

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