Equity Bank sponsors "BizTalk with Bill Roy," a podcast from the Wichita Business Journal that features discussions with a new leader in the Wichita business world, every Friday. Tune in for conversations with the need-to-know people that are driving Wichita into the future of business! Episodes include conversations with Wichita Mayor Jeff Longwell, Freddy's Frozen Custard CFO Scott Redler, Congressman Ron Estes, and many more! You can listen to all BizTalk with Bill Roy episodes below!

Description: BizTalk with Bill Roy episode 1 is a podcast that brings Wichita Mayor Jeff Longwell to discuss Wichita business growth.

Description: BizTalk with Bill Roy episode 2 continues Wichita Mayor Jeff Longwell's conversation on the future of business in Wichita.

Description: BizTalk with Bill Roy has Jeff Fluhr and Leah Lavender discuss talent recruitment and retainment in a high-employment economy.

Description:  BizTalk with Bill Roy episode 4 continues the talk with Jeff Fluhr and Leah Lavender on talent recruitment and retainment.

Description: BizTalk with Bill Roy episode 5 has Scott Redler, CFO of Freddy's Frozen Custard discusses beginnings and the food industry.

Description: BizTalk with Bill Roy episode 6 brings in Christina Long, owner of CML Collective. Long helps entrepreneurs create brands.

Description: In Episode 7, BizTalk with Bill Roy discusses 40 under 40 winners Jennifer Hughes' and Doug Ledbetter's takes on the future of Wichita business.

Description: BizTalk with Bill Roy brings in Mary Beth Jarvis, of Wichita Festivals, inc. who puts on Wichita's awesome festivals like Riverfest!

Description: BizTalk with Bill Roy has Charles Coffey, a leader in Kansas medicine with FreeState Healthcare. He offers rural treatments via telecommunication.

Description: BizTalk with Bill Roy Episode 10 discusses Wichita State University's plans for a new Barton Business School building with Anand Desai and Paul Allen.

Description: BizTalk with Bill Roy brings on Janelle King, who is using symbols like the Wichita Flag to raise enthusiasm to be in Wichita, and it's changed a lot!

Description: BizTalk is back with Tom Devlin, founder of rent-a-center, and Tom Dower, creator of Flint Hills National golf course. They give perspective on the future.

Description: BizTalk with Bill Roy brings on Dr. Josh Umbehr, founder of Atlas MD. Atlas allows customers to receive healthcare for a monthly fee, and no copays!

 Description: In Episode 14 of BizTalk with Bill Roy, Ron Estes joins Roy to discuss topics like health care reform, trade policy, and a Hurricane Harvey relief bill.

Description: Episode 15 of BizTalk with Bill Roy continues the conversation with Congressman Ron Estes on health care reform and trade policy.

Description: In Episode 16 of BizTalk with Bill Roy, talks to Jeff Herndon, former KAKE News Anchor, who returns to Wichita after 4 years of Anchoring in Chicago.

Description: Episode 17 of BizTalk with Bill Roy has "Monarch" restaurant owner, Jennifer Ray, discuss how her idea grew from nothing to Wichita Top Lunch Spot winner.

Description: Episode 18 of BizTalk with Bill Roy brings on Wayne Bryan from Music Theatre Wichita to discuss the future of Century II and the Wichita Skyline.

Description: "Hatman" Jack Kellogg is the guest for Episode 21 of BizTalk with Bill Roy. Kellogg talks about how renovations in the Delano district are affecting business.

Description: For Episode 21, Wichita Police Chief Gordon Ramsay comes onto the show to discuss how having a safe community is drawing new businesses to Wichita.

Description: Hometown kid, Andrew Gough, found his calling in specialty coffees. Hear how he turned his passion into a successful business in episode 22!

Description: Our own Casey Compton is a member of Wichita's Emerging Leaders, the focus of Episode 23. Hear how the future of Wichita, is turning business around!

Description: WATC is joining WSU as the College of Applied Sciences and Technology. Tune in to hear how this impacts your future college student, in episode 24!


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