Build your future. Feel the freedom.

College prepares you for a life of exciting possibilities. It stretches your limits. Challenges your expectations. Opens up a wider world of people and ideas. It’s about freedom—the freedom to grow and to explore. So when it comes to your checking account, you shouldn’t be held back by a bunch of hidden charges and fees. We offer a variety of account options to fit the way you bank. 

You’ll even get a debit card that actually blocks all ATM fees from showing up in your account. 

Now that’s freedom.

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Checking without Strings.

When you have a checking account with us, you get a debit card that makes every ATM an Equity Bank ATM. Go ahead and accept the fee. When you bank with us, your debit card will block ATM fees from ever showing up in your account. Take that, ATM bullies.

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Introducing the Go! Card

Set a stopping point with the Go! Card. It’s free and it’s easy. Load only what you need, or can spend, onto the card directly from your checking account. Only want to spend $100 on your night out on the town? Think of the Go! Card as your money manager. Just smaller and greener and, well, inanimate.

The Go! Card is there when you need it: 

  • No ATM Fees. No account needed.
  • Debit Card. Wherever MasterCard is accepted.
  • Manage & Track. Add what you can, as often as you'd like.
  • Budget. Spend what you can.
  • Safe and secure. Travel. Use. Repeat.

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