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Official Bank of College Students & Grads

You're ready to hit the ground running and make your mark on the world. Or, maybe, you know, earn enough to keep a roof over your head and keep the landlord at bay. Wherever you fall, life is changing. We get it. And we’re here to help you on your journey.

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Checking Without Strings , Starting to Save , No Fee ATMs , Mobile Banking , Online Banking , Managing Your Money , Financial Calculators

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Official Bank of Newlyweds

There’s a lot to think about before and after you say “I do.” The union of two people usually means the union of two bank accounts and two different ways of budget planning and saving. We’re here to make it a piece of cake so you can focus on the really important stuff. 

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Checking Without Strings, Savings Accounts, Personal Loans, Mortgage Loans, Credit Cards, No Fee ATMs, Mobile Banking, Online Banking, Financial Calculators

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Official Bank of Parents

You’re thinking about your loved ones and how to make sure they have what they need and that they are taken care of, financially. Your children’s needs are different at every stage of their life. Fortunately, we have a range of different products for each stage. Let us grow with you and your family.

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Savings Accounts , Personal Loans , Auto Loans , Equity Reserve Line of Credit , Money Management , Home Away From Home , Credit Cards , No Fee ATMs , Mobile Banking , Online Banking , Financial Calculators

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Official Bank of Car Buyers

Love that new car smell? So do we. Since the imitation of air freshener doesn't quite do the trick, let's go for the real deal. Finance your new ride with a no-hassle auto loan from Equity Bank and show up at the dealership full pre-qualified and ready to roll. We see a road trip in your future.

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Auto Loans , Planning Your Next Purchase , Personal Loans , Financial Calculators

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