Every business starts with a dream. 

Scribbled on a napkin or sketched on a whiteboard. Shared over coffee, brainstormed in a garage, or dreamed up at a desk.

A dream that won’t let you sleep until you turn it into a reality.

Even though that vision is uniquely yours, it doesn’t mean you have to fly solo when it comes to making it happen. Enter the Dream Team—a team of commercial lenders dedicated to helping you succeed, whether you’re launching a startup or expanding operations. 

It’s about more than just capital. It’s having a team behind you who will share your passion and provide personal solutions to fit your goals.

Why are we so passionate about entrepreneurship? A little over a decade ago, Equity Bank was a startup with a vision for new ways to meet the banking needs of our communities. Today, we’re one of the fastest-growing banks in the region, with a commitment to helping our fellow dreamers succeed.

If you're looking for personal service in business banking, let the Dream Team put together a lending package to meet your objectives.

Contact one of our lenders today to talk about making your dream a reality. 

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Looking for treasury management solutions? Our team can help with that, too.

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There are 9 types of entrepreneurs.

No two entrepreneurs are the same, each has different strengths and skills. Identifying and understanding your entrepreneur type can help you build a more effective organization around you. Take our quick online quiz to learn your Entrepreneur Type. You may be surprised how this valuable self understanding can start improving your performance and the performance of your business. Self awareness starts here.

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