You use your device and your money the way you want. We’re here to make it happen. Apple Pay and Venmo are easy ways to streamline and organize payments. Equity Bank supports both apps so you can do you. 

Apple Pay

Make a payment with one simple touch. For vendors that support Apple Pay, users put their iPhone near a contactless reader with their finger on the Touch ID. Just add your Equity Bank credit and/or debit card to your supported cards list in the app and continue to get all the rewards, benefits and security of your cards.


Venmo is a free digital wallet that provides an easy way for users to charge and pay their friends without the need for cash or checks. Just sync your Equity Bank account or debit card with the app and start transferring funds to your friends when you need to split the dinner bill and more.

Overdrafts happen.

Which is why we offer Courtesy Pay, a service designed to help save additional merchant fees and possible damage to your credit history from a returned check. 

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