Frequently Asked Questions and Answers for State Bank Customers!

Equity Bancshares has announced a definitive merger agreement with Prairie State Bancshares, parent company of State Bank. Soon, State Bank locations will become part of Equity Bank. We will be communicating with State Bank customers directly, including a full banking guide mailed early next year. In the meantime, review select questions and answers here, and stay tuned to for updates.

When will the change to Equity Bank become effective?

Pending regulatory and shareholder approvals, we expect the name change to occur in the first quarter, in March. At that time, State Bank locations will change to Equity Bank.

What will happen to my accounts?

Internal systems and software will also change in March. At that time, State Bank accounts will all become Equity Bank accounts. We expect little to no service interruptions with account transactions. 

You can still use your checks, you can still bank in the same location and your debit card will not change (when it does expire, you will receive a new card). Your March bank statement will look different since it will be coming after the conversion.

We will be corresponding with every customer, including a detailed guide that explains any customer steps during the change. This will be sent in February.

How will I bank online? 

In March, you will be able to enroll and login at . You can download the Equity Bank app currently at iTunes or Google Play to get an idea of look and feel. Also – check out our demos of online banking and mobile banking online at , including check deposit from your phone. Watch for more details soon.

What about loans that I currently have with the bank?

No changes will occur with your current loan service schedule and agreements. If you remit payments using a State Bank coupon book, please continue to make those payments. 

Will bank fees increase?

In some cases, certain maintenance fees may change. One important thing to keep in mind: Equity Bank does NOT charge ATM fees, not at any ATM in the continental United States. When an ATM terminal asks you if you will accept the charge, you hit accept, and your Equity Bank debit card suppresses those fees. With an Equity Bank debit card, you’ll never again pay an ATM fee. Cut those strings.

Will you continue to support our community?

Absolutely! A local bank is a key to each community. This partnership allows us to continue - and expand, in some cases - our community support efforts. You will still see your associates at football games, grilling hot dogs, and playing hosts to customer events in their communities. We also intend to keep doing business locally with the service providers, organizations, and community efforts that count on our support.

Will my contacts at the bank stay the same? 

Your contacts at each location will be the familiar, friendly faces you are used to! 

Are there other things I should keep in mind?

Yes! To stay in touch with us, here’s a handy list of numbers and addresses, plus your new routing number.

  • Equity Bank Toll Free Customer Service: 1-888-733-5041
  • Equity Bank Routing Number: 101105354
  • Equity Bank Telephone Banking: 1-800-856-5807
  • Equity Bank Lost or Stolen Debit Card Hotline: (800) 383-8000
  • Equity Bank Online Banking: Start at
  • Equity Bank Customer Service Email Address:

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