We’re excited to welcome you to Equity Bank!

Beginning March 13, all State Bank locations will be part of Equity Bank, and our products and services will include Equity Bank features and benefits. This page includes full details on what to expect as we convert to Equity Bank. Click here for your full guide to banking at Equity Bank including login instructions, account descriptions, terms and conditions, and more. We're very pleased to continue serving Western Kansas, and especially pleased to continue serving you. 


For the past few months, Equity Bank and State Bank staff have worked hand in hand to ensure a seamless transition for you. This guidebook serves as your handy reference - with calendar, instructions, and reference for your Equity Bank products and services. Names of your accounts may change, but top-level customer service will continue.

In addition, and as detailed in this booklet, beginning March 13 you'll have access to the best of Equity Bank! This includes our mobile app with remote check deposit, online banking with bill pay, and when you travel near or far, you will never again pay an ATM fee. We pay all ATM fees as a courtesy for Equity Bank customers!

Please don't hesitate to contact any of us locally at State Bank, or by using Equity Bank's toll free number 1 (888) 733-5041.

Important Dates

  • Friday, March 10, 2017
    Last day of State Bank operation.
  • Monday, March 13, 2017
    First day as Equity Bank.
  • Monday, March 13, 2017
    Enroll in Equity Bank Online Banking & Bill Pay .

Important Notes

  • Equity Bank Routing Number: 101105354
  • Equity Bank Customer Care Center: 1 (888) 733-5041
  • Lost or Stolen Card: 1 (800) 383-8000

Online Banking Enrollment

  • Starting Monday, March 13, 2017, please visit EquityBank.com to enroll in online banking as though you are a new user.
  • Use your existing account number to enroll. You may choose the same user ID used with your State Bank online banking, if it is not already being used within the EquityBank.com system.
  • After we confirm your enrollment, your account history, current balances and transaction details will be available at EquityBank.com!
  • Visit this page for more details, demonstrations, and more.

Your Account

Your current State Bank account will be automatically converted to a similar Equity Bank account. Best of all, in almost all cases, your account number will remain exactly the same! No immediate action is needed on your part.

Remember, your routing number will change to 101105354. Please keep this in mind when setting up future automatic payments from your checking account.

Please see your previous State Bank account description and your new Equity Bank account description. We’ve worked together to find the right account for your needs, but if you feel a different type of Equity Bank account may suit you better, please let us know! Check out our checking and savings options here.

Other Services


You may notice a few enhancements to your loan statement and notices, but all your State Bank loan and mortgage accounts will remain with the same terms and conditions. Please continue making future payments as scheduled and needed.


Please continue to use your State Bank checks until they run out. Upon reorder, you will be issued Equity Bank checks. You may reorder checks at your local Equity Bank. 

Your checking account number? In most cases, it stays the same! Be sure to use our Equity Bank routing number 101105354 to modify automatic payments or set up new automatic payments.

Safe Deposit Boxes

Your State Bank safe deposit box will retain the same annual rent amount. 


Your State Bank certificates of deposit or individual retirement account will retain the same interest rate, terms and conditions until maturity.

Credit Cards

Please continue to use your State Bank credit card as you are accustomed. Before expiration, you will receive a new credit card by mail. With any questions, please contact us

Your ATM Fees

Say goodbye! Your debit card makes all ATM fees disappear, at any and all ATMs in the United States, starting March 13.

Direct Deposits and Automatic Payments

Beginning March 13, Equity Bank will begin processing your existing direct deposits and recurring payments through your Equity account. Automatic payments using your State Bank account will be completed by March 10. Please note, if an earlier payment results in a fee, you will not be charged. Please call us with questions.

Please use your new Equity Bank routing number (101105354) to set up future direct deposits and recurring payments.

Your Debit Card

Continue using your State Bank debit card until it expires! When it does, you'll receive a new, chip-enabled card, with enhanced security. This means your existing bill payments, automatic payments, and service with your current debit card should continue uninterrupted, with no need for action from you.

View our full conversion guide.

Download the PDF

Equity Bank Routing Number