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Equity Bank Jayhawk IMG Radio Network

Rock Chalk! Tune in and listen to the University of Kansas on the Equity Bank Jayhawk IMG Radio Network. Follow the Jayhawks from the opening kick-off to the closing horn, between the hashes, and hear it all with Equity Bank. Did you hear about us on the radio? Let us know!

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K-State - Flip the Coin!

Purple roots run deep, and Saturdays in fall, K-State nation shows its pride in Wichita, and its purple from Kansas City through Hoxie. Help us cheer on the Cats by tuning in right at the coin toss, on the official K-State Radio Network. #EMAW #EQBK

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Go Rillas!

There's no better way of showing your Gorilla pride than with your own Pitt State debit card! Get your custom Gus the Gorilla debit card and enjoy no ATM fees anywhere in the US! Learn more. #GoRillas

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Support our Shockers

Have you heard? Equity Bank and Wichita State pride go hand in hand. Watch for the Equity Bank Walkway of Champions, coming soon to Wichita. And check out the Shockers - #WATCHUS, #TweetUs and #LetsBuildEquity.

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