Do you pay $10 per month for checking?

On top of the costly ATM Fees, many banks now also charge for checking, regardless of how long you’ve been a customer — UNLESS you meet as many as FIVE strings attached requirements. Now, you have to dance like a puppet on a string every month to save money. Truth is, most will find it challenging to meet these requirements time and time again.

What does $6,000 mean to you?

It’s the money you’ll pay them over a banking lifetime. That $10 per month adds up really fast. Over one year, you’ll pay $120. If you don’t change your bank now, then you’re going to spend THOUSANDS of dollars for that ONE account. What happens if you have more than one? It doubles, or triples.

What could you do with an extra $6,000?

Feel the freedom.

When you have a checking account with us, you get a debit card that makes every ATM an Equity Bank ATM. Let’s paint the picture. You’ve got to grab some cash, but you’re far away from any of your bank’s ATMs, so you use the one closest to you. Before you get your cash, the machine will force you to agree to a fee. Some of these ATM fees now average more than $5. Yikes.

Go ahead and accept the fee. When you bank with us, your debit card will block ATM fees from ever showing up in your account. Take that, ATM bullies.

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