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Give Yourself Credit For Big Changes in Life.

Whether you're ready for your next set of wheels, upgrading your home or just looking to purchase something special, we've got the loan that's right for you.

Unsecured loans are not currently offered by Equity Bank. We apologize for any inconvenience. Please contact us for more information.
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Home Equity Lines of Credit
Equity Reserve Line of Credit

Make your dreams come true - enjoy competitive rates and flexible terms on a loan for almost any purpose. Remodel your home, consolidate debt and more.



Ready to buy that new car or truck you've had your eye on? We can help you finance your ride with competitive rates and flexible terms. Buy new, used or classic.


Use your hard-earned equity in your home to finance almost anything you want or need. Enjoy our competitive rates and personal attention from our loan experts.


Think of us as your understudy, your back-up, your #2. When life throws you a curve-ball, we’ll throw you a line of credit. Secure extra cash to use as a backup for your checking.


Watch for new Credit Cards, coming soon!