Building Equity. Building Community. It's more than just a name.

It’s a part of how we live and we do business. At Equity Bank, our core values drive us to build equity in in our employees by stimulating their professional growth—and in our company through a talented team and quality products and services.

When we build equity in our employees and our company, we’re equipped to help our customers build equity in their own lives. Whether we’re making home ownership dreams come true or giving a small business its first big break, we’re all about building equity for our customers.

Our customers and the communities in which we operate are what make us Equity Bank. We take pride in being able to call locations in Kansas, Missouri and Arkansas our home, which is why we care about getting involved and building equity in our communities, which are the lifeblood to strong citizens, a healthy workforce and a place people are glad to call home.

Building equity is all about caring. At Equity Bank, our ICARE values represent how we think and how we act. #LetsBuildEquity together.


We do the right thing when no one is looking. We do what we say—and we do it when we say we will. Here, we’re all about transparency and follow-through.

Community Focus

We’re involved in our local communities. We pitch in. We roll up our sleeves. We give back.


Every employee is accountable in their role and is encouraged and expected to take initiative beyond their role. We hold each other accountable for excellence.


Respect is valuing people and ideas. We value our employees and our customers—their wants, their needs, their abilities and their contributions.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

Each employee is an owner of something in their role. When you think like an owner, you think like an entrepreneur. You’re invested in success, which means you innovate. You’re motivated toward the best possible outcomes and challenge what can be done a better way.

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