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Start with Strategy

You've got to make all the right moves or your competition will make them first.

After all, being in business isn't a walk in the park. It's a battlefield and only the smartest survive. 

But with Equity Bank, you don't have to go into battle alone.

Our seasoned bankers will help you take the calculated risks to move your business forward, all while protecting what matters most.

It's time to call 'checkmate.'

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Equity Bank

Made by entrepreneurs. For entrepreneurs. We're going places—and so are you.

Let's get started.


Talk to a Banker

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All The Places You Need.

Don't get stuck in a stalemate. The services and tools we offer will allow you to run, and grow, your business a whole lot smoother.


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Real Business. Real Wins.

Every business has a story. Some even start on napkins. Hear how businesses like yours outpaced the competition and won their customers' hearts.


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A Dose of Leadership.

Hear from entrepreneurs across the Midwest who are making all the right moves.