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Updating Payment Info Just Got Easier

With CardSwap you can make one payment update for over 50 of your favorite online shopping and streaming services. That means less time updating, and more time doing the things you like to do.

Key Benefits:
  • Saves time by removing the hassle of visiting each online shopping, streaming or subscription service by making updates all at once
  • Includes your favorite online stores and services including: Netflix, Amazon, Uber, Walmart, Hulu, and more1
  • Easily update your payment information in the event that your card gets lost, stolen or compromised. 

Setting up CardSwap

Once logged into online banking or our mobile app,
choose CardSwap under the transactions tab and then Get Started.


Scroll through the list of available companies and select the ones you'd like to switch your Equity Bank debit card. Then click Next in the upper right corner. Don't forget, there's over 500 to choose from, so select all online shopping and streaming services you use.

Add your Equity Bank debit card information and click Verify Card.
Complete the login fields for each company you selected as instructed. When you're done, click Verify.
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Go Paperless!

Have you gone paperless with eStatements? Well what are you waiting for? 

Take the hassle of out statements by signing up today through online banking. Receive a monthly notification that your statement is ready, and click to's that simple!

Frequently Asked Questions


Why does CardSwap need my login information for the subscription service?

In order to update the card on file at a selected subscription service, CardSwap uses the credentials provided to access and update your payment preferences at the online merchant.

How do I remove my Equity Bank card from a merchant after I used CardSwap to update?

Visit your online account for that merchant and remove the Equity Bank debit card. Your individual accounts will no longer need payment information.

How long does it take a card to be swapped with a vendor?

CardSwap notifies you to allow 24 hours for the payment information to be updated. In many instances it only takes a few minutes to see the changes and many vendors will notify you by email that your information has been updated.

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No ATM Fees Nationwide?
Yes please!