A Checking Account So Powerful, It Even Repels Other Banks’ ATM Fees!

Equity Bank checking is the antidote to ATM Fees, all of them, even ATM fees on other banks’ machines … no matter how ridiculous.

No Strings Checking No ATM Fees

See what you're missing out on? We'll lay it out for you.

Lots of pizza

Three pizzas a month, to be exact!

Even more coffee

Hit up your favorite coffee joint every morning for a cup of joe!

Family vacation

Take the family to the beach!

Groceries for days

Go ahead and splurge on those brand name chips!


Bobby gets it. See what he's been up to with all this spare cash

Are you a bank puppet?

Cut the strings.

Watch the video

Easy to switch. Cut those pesky strings.

Equity Bank won't surprise you. A straightforward account. A debit card that blocks ATM fees. Switching accounts is easy. 

So, start savings thousands today and cut your bank's strings today.

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