Welcome to Equity Bank!

Almena State Bank is now part of Equity Bank. We look forward to continuing to provide the local customer service that you've come to expect, and introducing you to more of Equity Bank.  Please keep banking as usual, and using your local branch. In the near future, and on this page, we'll update you as we consolidate our operating systems. 


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Important Debit Card Information: 

You will be receiving your new Equity Bank debit card soon. You may activate and begin using your new card as of January 19th, 2021. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our customer care department.

We've created this page to provide you with important information such as Frequently Asked Questions, helpful links and contact information.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who is Equity Bank?

We’re a community bank focused on families, businesses, customers and team members with locations in towns and cities throughout Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas and Oklahoma. We were born in Kansas, with a corporate office in Wichita, and we're located in 50 communities throughout our Midwest region. We'll let our teams and markets give you the tour! Click here for more information about us. We never forget it's your money.

What's Equity Bank's approach to our communities?

Equity Bank is a community bank who recognizes the importance of local decisions and dedication to our local communities. We're excited to serve Norton County and the surrounding area, and we work side-by-side to serve our customers above and beyond our competitors.

Just like Almena State Bank, Equity Bank is committed to the health, success, and families of our employees, customers and communities.

How will I access my Deposit Account?      

First and foremost, your money is safe, and sound, and that is a benefit of the FDIC guarantee on deposits with a federally-backed and well-capitalized financial institution. You may continue to work with your local bank, and you can continue using your accounts and debit cards as usual. 

I have questions about my deposit or loan account. How can I get in touch with Equity Bank?

Stop in and see the familiar faces that you’re used to. You will continue to use and access your accounts just as you did before. When our systems have been updated, we will be in contact to provide instructions on how to access your accounts from Equity Bank. To stay in touch with us, here’s a handy list of links and addresses, plus our Equity Bank routing number.

Equity Bank Online Banking
Facebook www.facebook.com/equitybankusa
Instagram @EquityBankUSA
LinkedIn www.linkedin.com/equitybank

What will happen to my accounts?

We will work to consolidate internal systems and software over the next few weeks and we will keep you updated right here. Once completed, Almena State Bank accounts will become Equity Bank accounts. We expect no service interruptions with your accounts. Until this time, please continue to use and access your accounts as you always have.

You may still use checks, may still bank in the same location, and debit card service will be uninterrupted.

We will be corresponding with every customer, including a detailed brochure that explains any customer steps during the change, and we'll update you right here, on this page, with important dates and milestones.

How will I bank online?

Starting January 19, 2021, you may enroll in Equity Bank's online banking! You may enroll now for your personal or business account and get started using our powerful online banking tools. You may use your previous login ID from Almena State Bank, if available. We'll ask you to verify your identity after choosing your password using a text, phone call or email, and that's it! You're ready to go. Review our online features and video tutorials.

Beginning Friday, January 15 at 6:30 pm, access to Almena State Bank online banking will be in view-only mode. You will be able to review transactions and account history.

I have a direct deposit or automatic payment. Do I need to update information?

All direct deposits – paychecks, social security, benefit checks, etc. – will continue as usual. If you receive checks electronically today, that will continue. Your automatic payments will continue as usual.

Will my interest rate change?

Interest on deposits accrued through the close of business on October 23, 2020 will be paid at your same rate. Equity Bank will review Almena State Bank's current interest rates, and if any changes apply in the near future, we will contact you by mail.

What about loans that I currently have with the bank?

No changes will occur with current loan service schedules and agreements. Beginning January 19, 2021, you will need to begin submitting your payments directly to Equity Bank at the address below, by calling, or through online banking.

Equity Bank
PO Box 730
Andover, KS 67002

Will bank fees change?

You will continue to see the same features, services, and fees on your account in the near future, and we will provide you a list of available accounts and features. One important thing to keep in mind: Equity Bank does NOT charge ATM fees, not at any ATM in the continental United States!

When an ATM asks an Equity customer to accept the charge, customer can select accept, and we take care of suppressing those fees. With an Equity Bank debit card, customers will never again pay an ATM fee. We'll notify you when this feature is ready!

Will you continue to support our community?

Absolutely! A local bank is a key to each community. We will continue - and expand, in some cases - our community support efforts. You will still see your associates at football games, grilling hot dogs, and playing hosts to customer events in their communities. We also intend to keep doing business locally with the service providers, organizations, and community efforts that count on our support.

Anything else we should know?

Be watchful for, and resistant to, any scams to obtain information when asked by individuals or entities that state they are acting on behalf of Almena State Bank, Equity Bank, or the FDIC. If you are contacted by anyone requesting personal information from you related to this event, please contact the FDIC Call Center to report the incident at 1-800-517-1843. 

Thank you for choosing Equity Bank!

All of us working together are committed to your success, and each has a team dedicated to working onsite, remotely, and with you each step of the way. 

As an Equity Bank customer, you will soon have access to all of our banking features and benefits, such as:

We'll continue to update this page as a resource for you. 

Important Links:

A laptop with a cup of coffee next to it on a wood table.

Important Information:

  • Equity Bank Routing Number: 101105354
  • Equity Bank Customer Care Center: 1 (888) 733-5041
    • Monday-Friday: 8AM-6PM
    • Saturdays: 9AM-12:30PM
  • Lost or Stolen Card: 1 (833) 285-2284
    • 24/7
  • Activation Number: 1 (888) 541-0782 
    • 24/7

Additional Reminders:


You may notice a few enhancements to your loan statement and notices, but all your Almena State Bank loan and mortgage accounts will remain with the same terms and conditions. Please continue making future payments as scheduled and needed.


Please continue using your Almena State Bank checks through April 19, 2021, or until your supply runs out. In almost all cases, your account number will not change, and Almena State Bank checks will be valid until April 19,2021. You may reorder checks online or using the Equity Bank mobile app.

Safe Deposit Boxes

Your Almena Bank safe deposit box will be available for your use with no changes in rental fee.

Debit Cards

Your new debit card is on its way! Please remember to update any accounts with automatic withdrawals to your new debit card number once it is activated. For any questions, please call our customer service department at 888-733-5041 or contact us.

Your Almena State Bank debit card will be deactivated on January 19, 2021. Please activate your new Equity Bank debit card upon arrival and begin using on January 19, 2021.

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