Just because you’re going on vacation doesn’t mean you should leave your pet behind! Here are 4 tips for taking your furry friend along for the ride.


Before you embark on your vacation with your pet, do some research. Whether you are going to a different state or country, different places have different rules and unique documents required for pets, so look up what your pet may need for your planned destination. Additionally, different modes of transportation and hotels have rules as well. Look up your airline, rental car company, hotel, and other modes of transportation and stay to see if they are animal friendly. You don’t want to go where your furry friend is unwelcome.Also, plan a pre-trip checkup with your local vet. Talk to them about needed immunizations and any medication or stress relievers your pet might need for the trip. A checkup will insure both you and your pet are happy and comfortable on your upcoming trip.


Your pet may not be used to long car rides or air flights, creating a simulation of what travel will be like ahead of time will ease the stress of your pet. If you are planning to take your pet on a long car ride, prepare them for the journey by first taking them on shorter car rides in the same crate they will be traveling in long term. If you and your pet are flying,get to the airport early and take them on a walk around the terminal! This helps your pet get familiar with the scents, sounds, and conditions of traveling.


Your furry counterpart needs a suitcase too! Make sure you get your pet a comfortable carrier for travel. Also, don’t forget to pack food, water, leashes, and any medication you may need. Along with the necessities bring your pet a favorite toy, and if your destination is cold, a pet sweater may come in handy. Each pet is unique, so make sure to pack everything your animal needs to stay healthy and comfortable.


Once on your vacation, don’t leave your pet in the hotel room all day! Every city has all sorts of things for you and your pet to do. Look up different events and parks to keep both of you entertained. Plan for the fun, but don’t forget to plan for the unexpected as well. Once on your vacation, make sure you locate your nearest animal hospital, and create a backup plan for your pet if you have to unexpectedly leave them. Better safe than sorry!

Maintaining your pet’s happiness and health requires some preparation but it is so worth it. Stick to these steps and both you and your pet will enjoy your trip so much more.